Questions on forgetfulness

I saw two friends today. One was visiting the other. The visitor visited the man in an institution for people with dementia. The man couldn’t have been older than 60, I suspect even younger. After me asking, the man told me they had been friends for 23 years. He told me while he was combing his hair for the third time in a row. And then he went to re-arrange his stuff at his washing basin, twice. But he just moved stuff around. 

I can’t imagine what it must be like to see your friend deteriorate like that. Let alone any other family member. And what must it feel like to be trapped in your own mind? From my own experience with my previous injury I can tell you, for the most time you are not even there anymore. So basically you aren’t asking these questions. And if you did then you don’t remember anymore. And what happened? No idea. What did I do yesterday? No clue either..

I just wanted to share my thoughts and give you something to read. Have a good day..


Senior and technology

“The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old.” ~ Rosalyn S. Yalow

‚ÄčThis quote reminds me of the other day where I taught a senior in the home I work at to use his smartphone. With each new discovery, as simple as using special characters when typing a text message made him ecstatic. It was as if looking at a little boy with his new toy; it is rewarding I tell you. When at work I always bring my own music because by coincidence I seem to have a taste in music which stems with the taste of the people loving there. 

After getting a compliment of having a good taste in music I get a few suggestions to listen to. And I can conclude he has a good taste in music as well. Below is one of his suggestions. 

Skylark – Wildflower

Namesake and astrology

Today I was with a man who is a namesake of mine. He suffers from aphasia (trouble with forming words that have already formed in your head.) We were talking and gossiping about nurses. Yes, I know who does their job well and who doesn’t. 

I asked him what music he liked. Since he lived in Alabama I guessed ‘Country’. ‘No’ was the definitive answer. I suggested to do a youtube search since he owns a laptop. 

‘John Mayall – Room to move’ was the song he selected and when it played, for a moment there was no aphasia and he sang every word.

Perhaps a suggestion to music therapy?

He does people’s horoscopes as well. I will indulge and let him do mine, even though I am not into astrology. 

John Mayall – Room To Move