Senior and technology

“The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old.” ~ Rosalyn S. Yalow

‚ÄčThis quote reminds me of the other day where I taught a senior in the home I work at to use his smartphone. With each new discovery, as simple as using special characters when typing a text message made him ecstatic. It was as if looking at a little boy with his new toy; it is rewarding I tell you. When at work I always bring my own music because by coincidence I seem to have a taste in music which stems with the taste of the people loving there. 

After getting a compliment of having a good taste in music I get a few suggestions to listen to. And I can conclude he has a good taste in music as well. Below is one of his suggestions. 

Skylark – Wildflower


Namesake and astrology

Today I was with a man who is a namesake of mine. He suffers from aphasia (trouble with forming words that have already formed in your head.) We were talking and gossiping about nurses. Yes, I know who does their job well and who doesn’t. 

I asked him what music he liked. Since he lived in Alabama I guessed ‘Country’. ‘No’ was the definitive answer. I suggested to do a youtube search since he owns a laptop. 

‘John Mayall – Room to move’ was the song he selected and when it played, for a moment there was no aphasia and he sang every word.

Perhaps a suggestion to music therapy?

He does people’s horoscopes as well. I will indulge and let him do mine, even though I am not into astrology. 

John Mayall – Room To Move